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  2. 7 hours ago

    Finally, back in Scotland, the Hulk and Angus are out on the lake searching for the Loch beast when the creature smashes their boat sending them both into the water. Angus is knocked into the water, leaving the Hulk to battle Macawber alone on the beasts back.

  3. Jun 22

    The mysterious Tulak leads to the hidden city of El Dorado! Through a strange crystal he sees the government has Jarella's body and this ways on his psyche. Banner is lead to the Temple of the flame where the group called "They" seem to have ominous plans for the Doctor.

  4. Jun 20
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  5. 13 hours ago

    Tyrannus has become something very powerful but not powerful enough to stop the Green Goliath. defeats the villain than he and Goldbug are teleported back to civilization. Goldbug is picked up by Heroes for Hire and is free to rest finaly... or is he?

  6. Jun 21
  7. 1 hour ago
  8. 8 hours ago

    Scoop: The post credit scene features the . THEORY: It will show how Bruce was badly affected by the Infinity Stones, especially the Mind Stone. Corrupted him, after losing Natasha, his arm and his friends, we MAY see Word War Hulk in the future!!?!

  9. Jun 19

    Will You Be Grabbing This !?!?

  10. Jun 24

    I must say I think the boys new room is looking pretty cool

  11. 2 hours ago

    A post credit scene featuring the Hulk?!!! Looks like I'll be going back to see

  12. 13 hours ago
  13. Jun 24

    What's more awesome than the sight of riding a T -Rex ?

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  14. Jun 23
  15. 5 hours ago

    IMMORTAL BY . So much passion in his Hulk art

  16. 3 hours ago

    IT'S NERDY NEWS TIME! Today, we're going over that rumored post credit scene. What could a scene with mean?? We're breaking it down here:

  17. Jun 16
  18. 5 hours ago

    that post credits scene better be teasing a new movie with

  19. 20 hours ago

    re-Release post credit scene will be centered around

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