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  1. if this scene is not a part of the extended version, i'll definitely kill someone

  2. Jun 17
  3. well there you have it dldbdlfbdlhd Wanda really is THAT BITCH and i’m here for it dldbdldbdkcbdlcbxkcb i found this on ig

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  5. Jun 17

    Our next recording is a character spotlight on the Scarlet Witch! Share your thoughts on this character for inclusion on the podcast!

  6. Jun 19
  7. Jun 4

    using her hands to do the magic thing is aesthetically pleasing

  8. Jun 24
  9. Jun 18

    White man: thanos is the most powerful character of Avengers Endgame Me: yeah, he sounded so powerful when made him cry for help

  10. Jun 9

    i present the strongest avenger, the only person who made thanos fear for his life & cry for help and risk killing his entire army to be free of her. wanda maximoff is THAT bitch

  11. May 26

    and Wolverine from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3!

  12. 9 hours ago

    - you took everything from me

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  13. Jun 11
  14. May 24
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  15. Jun 12
  16. May 31

    Wanda with her hair up is superior

  17. The serie is ! Kevin Feige said it's a couple series not a series on Wanda with Vision! RESPECT!! This is a Fan Art 😊

  18. It's Marvel team-up king size annual #5 featuring The thing and quasar from 1982

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