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  1. May 16

    Sound on please!! It's bliss to ears and to the eye.

  2. May 12
  3. May 13

    Did anyone realize that in that Thanos blasted Captain Marvel out of the movie with the power stone

  4. May 12

    I never want to hear the argument about who the greatest Avenger is ever again!

  5. May 12

    Human upbringing vs Asgard upbringing

  6. May 13

    Guys we finnally got she hulk in the mcu 😂

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  7. May 12
  8. May 15
  9. May 17

    I was watching the other day and noticed something interesting after having watched . At Peggy Carter's funeral scene, there is someone carrying the casket that looks kindda like Old Man Captain America. Could it actually be him?

  10. May 12

    I just saw today, and I'm really happy it answered my questions about the previous Avengers movie. Although I'm upset that my favorite Avenger died.(I won't say who it is to avoid spoilers)

  11. May 14
  12. 1 minute ago
  13. May 18

    sending Thor to the past to retrieve something instead of Clint would have really elevated this movie i think

  14. May 18
  15. May 14

    Well.. it's not that bad but its that bad..

  16. May 19

    I need one person retweet my post now that would be $500 if you can sugar baby you are going to receive $3000 weekly allowance

  17. 9 hours ago

    officially passes at all-time domestic box office

  18. May 15
  19. 11 hours ago

    “Are you hungry?” “Yes.” “What would you like?” “Cheeseburgers.” “Your dad liked cheeseburgers too. I’ll get you all the cheeseburgers you want.”

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