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  1. Jun 18

    It's been months and I still haven't gotten around to seeing Avengers: Endgame. So far I've avoided spoilers but then a Spider-man: Far from Home trailer comes on the telly and gives away a major one. Dang.

  2. Jun 23
  3. Jun 23
  4. Jun 17
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    Ohh 😹😹😹 He a bit HUGE sin da endgame... 🙀😹 Ohhh Miley! 😩😢 🆃🅷🅰🅽🅺 🅶🅾🅾🅳🅽🅴🆂🆂 🅸🆃'🆂 🅰 🅵🅰🆃 🆂🆄🅸🆃!!! 🎉🎊

  6. Jun 17

    The snap stones had listed as dead. He’s alive and reading it. Side note Cassie aged like a 11 years for this movie....

  7. Jun 17

    Poor has to go back to the day his mom dies.

  8. Jun 17

    Oh Shit!! Tony’s space ship is being carried back to by this saved Tony’s life for sure!

  9. Jun 17

    Howard stark chews loud. I chew loud. I’m going have a genius son one day. Directly correlates

  10. Jun 17

    Thanos making a comeback of the century. look to be defeated! That’s it! The game has ended!

  11. Jun 17

    Snap! The does it. Snaps his fingers, but Thanos is now here in the present!

  12. Jun 17

    Hawkeye is straight up murdering bad doods.

  13. Jun 17

    I think making take the stairs is going to backfire somehow.

  14. Jun 17

    Who’s gonna snap the new stone glove??? gets to give it a shot

  15. Jun 17


  16. Jun 17

    Loki just escaped with the cube!!

  17. Jun 17

    Tony’s message to pepper is a real tear jerker

  18. Jun 17

    Hipster hulk is pretty funny, but steals the scene

  19. Jun 17

    A soul for a soul!!! Who’s gonna die?!? RIP black widow. Atleast they got the stone.

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