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  1. May 20

    The Night King was trying to save us all from this horrible miserable sick ending all along! Seriously misunderstood guy! A true hero!!

  2. May 19

    The into map had a better development than the story!! The time wasted for watching this shit for 10 years!!

  3. May 14

    Tywin knows which side to choose.. Always!! 😎😎

  4. May 14

    Well.. it's not that bad but its that bad..

  5. May 13

    When you're too lazy to cook

  6. May 13

    When the producers were given best possible endings to choose...

  7. May 13

    Like Daddy like Daughter..? So crap!! For those who named their daughters Khaleesi, oh ur kid is gonna have a hard time in High School alright.. 😆😆🤣

  8. May 12

    If only the writers knew how...

  9. May 12

    Well....that was shit... congratulations!!

  10. May 12

    This seems more like an elaborate revenge against than a TV series..

  11. May 12

    To the Night King, We are sorry we were against you before. Please come back and save us from this torture!! This is fans getting raped by the showrunners for 10 years of loyalty!

  12. May 12

    We just have the platinum award winner for "Shows with worst shitty ending in the history of TV series!!" What a load of crap?!! I mean what kind of garbage was that! Nuclear garbage of TV shows that cannot be cleaned up for another century!

  13. May 12

    I cannot believe I waited for two bloody years and then stayed up all night and skipped work today for this shit!!! The Night King would kill himself after see this! I have to skip the work now because I am gonna get sick now!!

  14. May 12

    The only thing I loved about this season was the intro 3D map... God. This is the worst ever!!

  15. Apr 30

    Atleast they didnt have a raven hold the Valyrian steel dagger in its beak, Bran warging into it and then bump into the Night King!!

  16. Apr 30

    The Night King is immune to dragon fire but shatters immediately by a steel produced by dragon fire?? RIP logic! Tywin had Ice melted into two swords even without dragon fire. How can it be stronger than Dragon fire then??


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